Our House Building Adventure

We bought 3 acres of raw land in Wyoming... started clearing it... dug the basement... poured cement... and started framing!

This blog details our house building adventure... building our new home... ourselves!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Color in the kitchen...

It was a bold move to put Red Red Wine on the north wall AND the Breakfast Nook.  Many people warned against it...

But, I must say that I ABSOLUTELY adore it!  I love this combination of colors!

You can feel the richness... the warmth of these two colors when you walk into the Kitchen.

Today coat # 2 goes on!

Later this week, we lay the natural color bamboo flooring... then later this month the Red Oak stained cabinets will be installed followed by appliances... then soapstone counters and island.

I can't wait to have a functioning kitchen!!!!  I've been dreaming of pan seared scallops !

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