Our House Building Adventure

We bought 3 acres of raw land in Wyoming... started clearing it... dug the basement... poured cement... and started framing!

This blog details our house building adventure... building our new home... ourselves!

Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Floor Drywall continues...

Rich and Matthew have been hard at work installing ceiling board & wall board on the 1st floor... lots to do yet...

I've cut the piece of Ditra for the guest bath. Tomorrow I will apply thin set to the Ditra.
Found some good "how to" videos for installing tile. Posted them on the right column.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Almost done sheetrocking the 1st floor bathroom

Hey Alice! Thanks for following my blog!

Wow... what a difference! The 1st floor bathroom is almost completely sheetrocked. Rich was showing me all the cuts and pieces required... almost 30!! A few more left to go and the walls/ceiling will be all done.

I was amazed at how the light bounces around in there. Hmmmm... what color... what color to put on the walls.... ceiling...

Well, first I need to tape and mud!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I am a mud slinger... First floor sheetrocking continues...

Rich and son Matthew (age 15) continue to install sheetrock on the 1st floor...

We'll be doing sheetrock for the next couple weeks or so depending on how much time Rich can dedicate to house "finishing." Working currently on the 1st floor bathroom.

I am a mud slinger... well... I'm learning by trial & error.
I worked yesterday in one of the bedroom closets... GOAL... perfect inside corners and ceiling/wall joints. Not quite there yet.... As soon as I have developed a "technique" for doing inside corners and ceiling/wall joints, I will finish the guest bathroom.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ordering Stair Parts...

Today, I'm ordering stair parts...

We're going with bamboo treads, handrails, and newell posts and beautiful black satin finish balusters!

HigueraHardwoods.com - handrails, newel posts
Trisha is awesome to work with... by the way...

OnlineFloorStore.com - treads, stair nosing

OK, now for our beautiful satin finish balusters!!! We're going with double twist, single basket.

Trying to see what the best deal is between... www.StairWarehouse.com & CheapStairParts.com...

Whooohooo!!!! Just spoke with Douglas from www.cheapstairparts.com and because of the size of my order... he offered FREE SHIPPING!

Great tools on www.cheapstairparts.com!!!!
  • Stair Design Tool www.cheapstairparts.com has a really cool tool called StairPro, a stair design tool. Way cool... because you can see what your design is going to look like!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

On to the 1st floor

Drywall continues... now for the 1st floor.

Rich had to move the plumbing in the 1st floor bathroom to accommodate the vanity. Then he started looking at walls... with his "drywall" eyes.

Twisted studs... yup... got to replace one or two.